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Welcome to Bim Saviya

Bim Saviya - National Land Title Registration Programme

Bim Saviya is a program launched under “Mahinda Chintana” by the Ministry of Land and Land Development in order to strengthen the ownership of land and to make a land strength to the nation.

“Bim Saviya” is implement under the provisions of  Registration of Title Act No. 21 of 1998 as a national program in year 2007. Under this programme, the lands are surveyed demarcated, ensured ownership and issued a Title Certificate, free of charge. Out goal is to complete this task in a time frame of certain years.

Four Departments have joined in hands in launching Bim Saviya Programme as follows:-

Under the Ministry of Land & Land Development,
• Land Settlement Department
• Survey Department
• Land Commissioner General's Department

Under the Ministry of Public Administration,
• Registrar General's Department


  • Introduce title registration in place of deed registration practiced at present.
  • Settle or make arrangements to settle the ownership of the lands which are presently unsettled.
  • Establish a Digital Land Information System.

"Grants" and "Permits" to Land owners in Medirigiriya


Arrangements have been made to issue Land Grants and Permits to land owners whose clear title was determined and affirmed under the Bimsaviya Expedite operation launched in Medirigiriya Divisional Secretary's Division, recently.

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Bimsaviya in Subharathi Mandapaya

Actions have been taken to broadcast on "Bimsaviya" over Subharathi Programme in Swadesheeya Channel of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation through a period of 3 months and the third programme of this session will be broadcast from 7.00 am to 8.00 am on 22-08-2011.

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Support of the Land Use Policy Planning Department to launched Bimsaviya in Nothern and Eastern Provinces.

Arrangements have been made to commence “Bimsaviya Programme” in Divisional Secretary’s Divisions namely, Karachchi , Kandawalei, Meritime Pththu, Thunukkai, Vavniya north and south, Musali, Delft, Ampara, Pothuwil,Samanthurai, Eravur paththu, Vakarai anf trincomalee in the year 2011.

Last Updated (Thursday, 23 June 2011 16:53)

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‘Bimsaviya’ shouldering the developments under “Uthuru Wasanthaya”

Actions have already been taken to commence Title Registration in Northern areas concurrent to the development activities in Northern Province.

Last Updated (Friday, 29 July 2011 11:52)

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Grama Niladhari to collect land information

Actions have already been taken to collect basic information on lands under Bimsaviya Expedit programme though the Grama Niladhari es concerned.

Last Updated (Thursday, 23 June 2011 16:54)

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Special Notice

Arrangements have been made to collect basic information on lands with a view to making the Land Title Registration a fast and efficient process. Accordingly the form prepared for the collection of data will be given to the land owners through the grama niladharies. The land owners have to furnish true and accurate information and hand over the fully completed information sheet to the grama niladhari or Divisional secretary concerned. This form could be obtained in all three languages.


Application form


Progress Monitoring System

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